TEDx Târgu Mureș 2019 - Creative Knowledge


28 Septembrie
"I have learned something important from video games: when you encounter no enemies, it means that you are not on the right path. I was astray, because the event in 2018 didn't brush any fathers, didn't make people angry or defensive. People seemingly enjoyed it. This state of jollity has to end. I want to offend you. I want this event to explode into your face, and drag you out from your comfort zone into a battlefield of creative ideas. 

How can I achieve this? This year I will present you twelve creative people, whose knowledge is undeniable. They are beyond creative. The will make you hate the world you live in, and force you to make a difference.  They will give you a great burden: You need to assemble the pieces into something whole. Create something extraordinary from the shards of creative knowledge!"

Péter W. Szabó, TEDx Curator

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