Legendary Places / Kata's Well - Măgherani

Centuries ago there was no village of Nyárádmagyaros along the Upper-Nyárád. According to the tradition, the Szeklers built a castle on one of the hills in the surroundings, and the Várbérc (Castle Rock) place name is also used today.One of the Tartar hordes began to besiege this small, but strong fortress. Surely they would have occupied it, and the refugees would have been captured if the Szeklers had not been courageous. There was among them a robust, tall, strong lass, Kate Csergő, who with the courage of Jeanne d'Arc, incited the men for resistance and fight. She was the leader of the troop, destroying the Tartars with sword and halberd, while a handful of defenders pushed the last „dog-head” far from the valley. In memory of the exploit of Kata Csergő, one of the local sources was named the Kata’s well, from which tourists can also quench their thirst. According to Balázs Orbán, the Tatars later destroyed the castle, so the locals left their ruins and settled at a farther place. In a picturesque valley, Magyarós is not named for the heroes of the castle but for the many hazelnuts (mogyoró = hazelnut) around it.

Above the village, on the other side of the hill, the Bekecs-peak is considered a sacred place, and in former times on its glade there was a chapel, and the new building on its site can be visited today. From the peak you can see almost the whole country of Nyárád, the place of the former Szekler–Tartar battles. The place is surrounded by special oak woods and wildflower meadows, relaxing the tourists – as if the weather stopped when the visitor arrives on the peak and looks into the countryside, as in good weather one can see even to Hargita Mountains.Not only the Tartar invasion, but also the First World War affected the village. The memorial erected in the memory of Szekler heroes, has been also a local point of interest for more than a hundred years. Like their heroic predecessor, Kata Csergő of the legends, they also showed the famous courage of the Szeklers.

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