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Zoo - Târgu Mureș

The history of the Zoo began more than 50 years ago. The first opening for visitors was on August 23, 1963. It opened on a small area of 600-700 m2 with a total of 10 animals. Today, the Zoo is spread on over 40 ha, and it is the biggest in Romania. In the Zoological Garden of Târgu Mureş several wildlife curiosities can be found, such as the Asian elephant, the Rothschild giraffe, the Grevy zebra, the hideaway, the oryx and the sword horned antelope - a species extinct from nature, forest bison, or yellow-bellied mangabey - a species that exists only in 9 zoos. Besides its interesting animals collection, the Zoo offers visitors a wide range of educational activities: from the Celebration of small animals, or days marked as The day of the bear, The day of elephants. The institution joined the Night of Museums program series, and the Night of Zoological Gardens or Dreamnight concurrently organized on the same day in several zoological gardens in Europe, a program for people with disabilities.

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Transilvania Motor Ring

Within the jurisdiction of the Mures County Council, Transilvania Motor Ring is 12 km away from Transylvania International Airport and 10 km from the A3 Motorway. Its main purpose is to contribute to the county`s and region`s  development through tourism services and aims to introduce possibilities for car and motor sports enthusiasts.The 3.708 meter long, and 11-14 meter wide race track provides the following: 11 double boxes, timer service and speed transformers services, emergency and rescue units, parking lot and two helicopter landing places, restaurant and accommodation facilities and it is suitable for organizing races like, car and motorcycle, karting, bicycle or running. In addition to the planned annual events, car and motorsports enthusiasts can participate in the Auto- Moto Track Days - an event organized every Monday and Tuesday, those who are interested can sign up and participate on races with their own vehicles.

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Horse riding on Saca Mountain

Horse riding and nature just go together. You will have the chance to explore the wild misty forest in the backcountry of Sovata and all of this on horseback, probably the best way to do it!

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Strange Transylvania

Transylvania always has been a somewhat strange place with its multicultural existence. This trip is in some ways different from the rest of our portfolio. It will take you to places those are strange even for the average Transylvanian. The trip undoubtedly has a historical charge to it, taking you to strangely beautiful part of our country, starting from the magical, medieval city of Sighișoara (Schasburg), a city that is often related to Dracula. Next up you will see old ghost villages abandoned by the Saxons with a dark romantic flare. To sum up all the things seen on the first day you will have a more relaxed second one that is more about relaxing than cycling. We will get a taste of Sovata’s salt lakes as well as good vine and fresh fish in Campu Cetatii (Varmezo). We start off with a cup of coffee at a neat place in the medieval castle of Sighișoara, followed by a short city visit to get a taste of Dracula’s old Transylvania. Next up passing through Bierte hills century old oak forest. Than we dive deep into Transylvanian history, visiting old abandoned Saxon villages like Apold and Daia, then arrive to Saschiz, a village that is a stronghold of old Saxon architecture. This day is all about chillin’ and enjoying what Transylvania has to offer: riding our bikes to Sovata and enjoying a good old swim in one of the many saltwater lakes of the town, finally topping the day of with fresh fish and good vine at the campfire.

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Peppermint Park - Adventure Park

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